Commissioned work and the process required to be successful!

I recently finished this fun commissioned piece that came through my rep at the Federation of Canadian Artists. The client liked a piece that had already sold and asked if I would be interested in doing another.

Commissioned work can be very rewarding but also pose some challenges. The artist and the client must be a good fit for the piece to be successful, and communication is critical throughout the process.

This particular piece was a tad easier to pull off because a similar piece had already been completed.

I thought I'd share the stages we worked through for "Things Go Better With Coke" :


Initial inquiry

After initial contact and introductions, the discussion regarding client/artists vision, ideas, medium, size, timelines, pricing, final delivery begins. After all parties agree on the details, a formal contract is  drawn up. Once the contract has been signed by both the client and artists representative, a nonrefundable deposit is made and the process begins.

"Things Go Better With Coke" 

Concept Sketch - Stage 1

This is the stage where everything is worked out to scale in black and white and the client has the opportunity to discuss any changes, major or small. 

Colour Blocking - Stage 2

After Stage 1 is approved and/or any client requests are addressed, the next step is to begin transferring the concept onto the medium, in this case canvas. Because the initial sketch is done to proportion it makes this step much easier. I redraw the layout onto the canvas in pencil, then begin underpainting or blocking in colours. Client at this stage has the ability to make small changes only. Any major changes would require further negotiations to either cost or timeline changes for delivery.

Final stage - delivering on time to gallery or client!

The entire process for "Things Go Better With Coke" took a total of 8 weeks to complete. It was delivered to the gallery a day early and client picked it up a few days later. 

I will gladly take on commissioned work. Any inquires should go through or call 604-681-8534